"Stephanie Rothstein has been a devoted public servant throughout her twenty-five years in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office... I am confident that she will be a fair, thoughtful and committed judge."
From Governor Jim Doyle’s February, 2009 announcement of the appointment of Stephanie Rothstein to Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 25

Judge Stephanie Rothstein with her family
Judge Rothstein with her family.

Fair. Thoughtful. Committed.

Judge Stephanie Rothstein is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County. Raised with a deep sense of civic responsibility, Judge Rothstein has devoted her entire +25-year professional career to public service in the justice system.

Judge Rothstein’s expansive career has given her an intimate and practical knowledge of the workings of the court system. Over the years, Judge Rothstein has gained a strong reputation as an honest, fair and extremely qualified champion of justice at the county, state and federal levels.

More importantly, Judge Rothstein has earned the trust and respect of the law enforcement community, defense and prosecuting attorneys, elected and appointed local and state officials and especially her fellow members of the judiciary. When not working to promote fair and impartial justice for both the victims and the accused, Judge Rothstein spends time with her family and volunteers for several non-profit and faith-based organizations that play an active role in improving the lives of those in the Milwaukee community.